Warranties & Guarantees

We stand by our work, and we stand by our solar PV system components. We give peace of mind with extensive guarantees and warranties.

“An easy process which we were extremely happy with.”

Cheryl Kooyman, 5/5 Google Review

“Turned the quote around in 48 hours and dropped in to run me through the quote and explain it.”

Nathan Goad, 5/5 Google Review

“I researched their products, inverter and panels, and both came up on the trusted list on the Australian Solar website.”

Nicholas Lawrence, 5/5 Google Review
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10-Year Workmanship Guarantee

Our 10-year workmanship guarantee is important to the overall warranty coverage. The guarantee covers any issues caused by the installation process. This is additional to the product warranties offered.
"Rocco and his team were extremely professional, prompt, on time did a fantastic job with no issues with the system or battery."
Alan Griffiths, Google Review

Guaranteed Solar Saving

We make decisions simple by giving simple guarantees. We guarantee you'll save more than you spend, on your solar PV system, over its lifetime. While ROI periods vary, the average customers realises an ROI after only three years. With solar financing, you can pay nothing upfront and start saving immediately.
"Couldn't recommend these guys enough. From the first point of contact everything was made clear of what I was being quoted on."
Brad Smeds, Google Review

The Highest Quality Solar Brands

We understand there're a lot of different solar brands in the market, and that there's debatable points about who is best. When choosing our solar brand partners, we focus on core areas of concern; product quality, performance and warranties. We only use products that exceed in those three categories.
"Our salesperson Wayne, was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly."
Michelle Hay, Google Review

What sort of warranties are offered?

We offer a 25-year panel warranty and a 10-year inverter warranty, covering performance & function. If there is product failure within the warranty periods, the faulty components will either be replaced or repaired, giving you peace of mind.

25-year panel warranty
10-year inverter warranty
Warranties cover performance & function
We offer a 10-year workmanship guarantee to cover anything warranties don't

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