Pay Nothing Upfront

We have several solar financing options, including the ability to pay less per month on repayments than you currently pay for electricity. We make the switch to solar simple.

What finance options exist for solar?

Unified Solar Solutions provides eligible customers with interest-free finance options, allowing them to enjoy solar energy without any upfront costs. Green loans, specifically designed for eco-friendly home improvements, often feature lower interest rates and flexible repayment terms.


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"Rocco and his team were extremely professional, prompt, on time did a fantastic job with no issues with the system or battery."

Alan Griffiths, Google Review

"Absolutely the best service from these guys. I was looking around and did the comparison."

Hank Damiaans, Google Review

"The Unified team were great to deal with, from the quote to the final install."

Aaron Crosley, Google Review
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What if I you're not eligible for solar financing?

Without first having applied, we cannot know whether you're eligible. The first step is getting in touch to discuss criteria. If for some (rare) reason you're unable to get solar financing, we have other options. We recommend giving us a call, so we can discuss your specific requirements.

"You will save, or we will give your money back"

Carley Romeo
General Manager

Reasons to get solar financing

With solar financing, you pay nothing upfront and  we can match your repayments to be less than your electricity bill.  We can ensure you start saving immediately. We make the switch to solar simple.

Pay nothing upfront

Unlike many companies, we give a black and white savings guarantee. If you don't save, we'll refund your money.

Pay less than your electricity bill

We have 100+ Google and Facebook reviews, from happy customers. Our customers' words are proof that we care.

Start saving money immediately

We employ a team of experts, who curate solar solutions based on your specific needs. We don't take a "one size fits all" approach.

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