Customer Review: Tom Knoll

Here at Unified Solar Solutions, we truly work hard to gain our customers trust, respect and their return on investment. Tom Knoll is another customer who truly appreciates the warm, tailored level of service we provide. Read on to hear Tom's sentiments.

Customer Review: Tom Knoll

"I never thought I’d be so excited about getting solar. It’s been a great experience from start to finish.I have spent an amount of time doing my research on different options for solar and have compared multiple quotes over the past few weeks.

In total, I had 8 Solar quotes and have researched and compared the quality of solar panels, inverters, warranties, and workmanship.After my weeks of research, my wife and I were more than happy and incredibly comfortable and confident to make the decision to go with Unified Energy Solutions (Unified Solar Solutions).

We were very happy with the service, which stood out above and beyond the rest; Ryan visited us multiple times to discuss our options for solar, inspected the property and meter box, and provided us with all the information we needed to make a decision.No other solar company/rep/salesperson made an effort to come and inspect the site.

All other quotes I had were provided by someone looking at Google Maps and providing a ballpark quote which was likely to be adjusted at the time of install.The fact that Ryan came out and spoke with us gave us a lot of confidence. I spoke with Ryan multiple times as well, discussing other solar quotes and debunking some of their sales pitches and promises.

In the end, the decision was an easy one. Ryan explained the process well, and the pre-install and install went exactly as he said it would.

Rocco and the install team were professional, worked well together, were easy to talk to, and answered the questions I had. The black JA panels look great on the roof, and the Goodwe inverter is well-positioned and installed within our garage.

The install is very neat and tidy, and no mess or rubbish was left on the site. The wifi connection and App to monitor the kWh produced was explained well and was easy to set up.

I’m looking forward to monitoring the production over the next few days/months and to start seeing a noticeable reduction in our electricity bills.

Again it’s been a great experience to date, and I would highly recommend getting UES (USS) to arrange your solar install over all others. Thanks again! Very happy."

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